Rogers Bros Rubber Bake Sole


Skateboard soles (set of 2):
Skateboard shoe sole material made from recycled tires. This is the original material we brought to market in 2007. Best combination of wet/dry traction, board feel, wear characteristics, and cost. Grips better than other smooth rubber soles when walking on grass and dirt. ¼” thick rectangular section enough for one shoe. Not recommended for luge use.

Luge soles (set of 2):
Heavy duty truck tire retread soles for streetluge use. This has been the preferred material for luge shoes since the beginning days of the sport. Long lasting automotive grade rubber. No steel belts make for easier cutting and less bleeding as you shape the soles. Real tire smoke and smell when used correctly!


3 different types available.
Recycled rubber:
1/4″ (6mm)
Virgin Rubber / Pro brake soles:
.125″ (3mm) and .187″ (4.7mm)

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